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1914: When the World Changed Forever

Get involved in our new exhibition for York Castle Museum in 2014-18

It's not just about the First World War.....

Shell Fillers 1918 by Charles Ginner

Shell Fillers by Charles Ginner, 1918

At the turn of the 20th century, people were abandoning long-held Victorian values and a new modern world was forming.

In Switzerland, Einstein was writing his theory of relativity.

Revolution was sweeping through Russia, Mexico, Portugal and Germany.

Women were fighting for the vote and taking on 'man's work'.

Applied sciences were making huge leaps in vaccinations, hygiene, plastic surgery and radiotherapy.

A new literate generation was waging 'The first great war of words' while the first total war decimated landscapes and populations.

Empires crumbled, dictatorships fell and the world map was redrawn.

In 2014 we will host a major new exhibition that will bring this world into modern focus. It will not simply commemorate a terrible war, but will take a reflective look at how culture and society were revolutionised throughout this era.

Alongside the displays will be an ambitious and innovative activity programme that will bring people together from all walks of life to participate, debate, enjoy and learn about this enormous subject.

Would you like to be part of history?

We will be hosting a series of events in the lead-up to the exhibition for you to get involved with. Visit our Events page for the latest details.

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Tell us what 1914 means to you, share your stories and help us shape this exciting new vision.

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