York Castle Museum chocolate and confectionery collections

Sweet Memories

Terry’s of York is one of Britain’s oldest confectionery making companies.

The company began in 1767 when a confectionery business was set up in a small shop in Bootham, York, by Berry and Bayldon. Terry’s was one of the first confectionery companies to make eating chocolate rather than drinking chocolate and is probably best know for its ‘Terry’s Chocolate Orange’ which is still produced today.

Joseph Terry was an apothecary by training and joined the company in 1823, soon becoming the sole owner. Joseph died in 1850, and his son, later Sir Joseph, took over the business. He went on to become Sheriff of York and Lord Mayor four times. Sir Josephs son, Sir Francis Terry ran the firm into the 20th century, with his nephew Noel Terry.

But by the 1960s Terry’s had joined Forte’s (Holdings) Ltd, and over the next 40 years a series of sales and takeovers took place. Today Terry’s is owned by Kraft Foods.

When its factory in York closed on 30 September 2005, we received over 400 objects including photographs, packaging, publicity catalogues – and chocolates! We have also worked with the York Oral History Society on a project interviewing ex-employees.

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