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Shaping the Body – Food, Fashion, Life

Shaping the Body is now open to visit

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We are looking for photographs of people from York and Yorkshire wearing iconic fashions of the day. Were you or a family member a Mod, Rocker, Punk or did you wear the fashion of the day?

Perhaps you were the school rebel who never wore your uniform properly. We must have your permission to use the photograph in the exhibition, keep in the collection or use on our website or social media. Please send digital copies or contact Rob Wake. Click here to email or call 01904 687687

Personal Stories

We are looking for people who would be happy to share their personal stories about how they look in the exhibition. Have you been anorexic or had bulimia? Do you heavily pierce or tattoo your body?

Are you into a particular retro look or a dedicated follower of fashion? Are you a body builder or train your waist?

The display will include a photograph of you and around 200 words about your story. Some people may be asked to be filmed.

call 01904 687687.


We are looking for key objects from the past either for display or to add to the collection:

Onesie, Shell Suit, Barbie doll (pre 1990’s), 1990’s wonder bra (good condition), modern children’s Halloween outfit, Levi Jeans, 1980’s – modern children’s clothes (imitating women’s adult style), body shaping underwear (good condition), Burberry.

Objects should have some kind of York/ Yorkshire connection e.g. bought/ used.

Please send photograph and details to: enquiries@ymt.org.uk